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Save Children! Here’s How To Keep Your Children Away From Alcohol?

Save Children! Here’s How To Keep Your Children Away From Alcohol?

Save Children Here is How To Keep Your Children Away From Alcohol - WinfiY crunch

33% of the teens by the age of 15 and 50% by the age 18 have had at least one alcoholic drink. For several, first drink becomes the starting point of their life-long alcohol addiction. So, how can you keep your child out of this shit? Well, it’s simple. Have a conversation with children & have it early on regular basis. Informal & frequent chats about these kinds of issues and alerting your children frequently about why it’s wrong, it’s serious & harmful consequences can have a serious impact on their mindset which will significantly help them to keep themselves away from alcohol. If you don’t talk to them about all this, they may form their own opinion about what’s right & what’s wrong. So, don’t wait for them to grow up. Start early. Whenever your little kids ask questions about such stuff, it shows they are curious about this topic. Don’t shut them as it can lead them to a wrong path, answer them instead. You need to be ready with a meaningful answer. Tell them why drinking is bad especially for kids and how you deal with it in your teen years! It will help, indeed.

Source: NBC News, Photo Thanks: Pexels.

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