Featured: Google Primer – Simple Way To Learn Business & Digital Marketing Skills

Google Primer is a mobile application that help you learn business & digital marketing skills like business planning & management, branding, digital advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, et cetera.

Each lesson is divided into bite-sized 5-minute sessions that makes learning easy & time-efficient. Whenever you have 5-minutes free in your busy day, you can complete one lesson and earn a new skill.

Once you complete a lesson, you’ll get personalized recommendation for the next lesson, which is very instrumental in helping you build necessary skills & acquire knowledge required to achieve your business & job goals. If you are looking to sharpen a particular skill, you can also search for it & start learning.

Google Primer is free to use & works offline as well. You can use it anytime, anywhere. All you need is just a 5-minute slot from your 24-hour day.

References: Google Primer on Play Store, Google Primer on iTunes.

Cheers! Tax On Social Media In Uganda Is In Effect Now!

Yes, Social Media is no longer tax free service in Uganda. With effect from 1st July 2018, Uganda Citizens (“Ugandans”) have to pay tax for using social media services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype et cetera. This tax was imposed to regulate the social media use of Ugandans as excessive social media use was costing time & money to the country (& we believe is the problem of many countries now). Such tax seek to curb online gossip & raise government revenue at the same time & can be paid directly through mobile money. It will also entice Ugandans to cut their time on social media, save time & invest such time in some meaningful activities which will also help in nation growth & development. Well done Uganda! We wish to see similar initiatives in other countries as well! Let’s spread this good news with #CalmSocialMedia #SocialMediaTax

Reference: Quartz.

When You Should NOT Post Your Vacation Pics On Social Media?

Simple answer is: when you are on vacation. Yes, you should not post your vacation photos on social media or internet when you are on vacation. Don’t worry. We’ll discuss the safety reason behind it! Social media is an open space & when you post your vacation or travel pics in real time, your friends & other people who knows you (including some bad guys out there) know that you are far away from home. In your absence, such bad guys may target your home for their next robbery or other like activities. So, why take risk? Just snap the pictures. Keep those in your phone & post them when you are back! Smart & safe approach, right? Post smart! Be safe! Wish you happy & safe vacations ahead!

Source: Reader’s Digest, Pixabay.

Make your day of 26 Hours. Here is How.

‘Except you are an exception’, on average, you spend 40 minutes on YouTube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram & just 1 minute on Twitter. The total comes at 116 minutes or we can simply say 2 hours. It is the average time spent on social media by each person in one day. Yeah… you might be spending less or more time (that only you know!) but average is 2 hours. Most importantly, what you do in your social media time is well known to you – just useless scrolling, right? Few may justify it excusing that they read news & get updates. Well, why don’t you use some awesome news apps out there? Interestingly, these 2 hours doesn’t include WhatsApp, TV, gaming time & time spent on other like activities, otherwise the number could be even bigger. But even if you save these 2 hours for some meaningful tasks like reading or skills building, you can add 2 hours to your 24 hours day. After all, an hour saved is an hour produced!  

Reference: Mediakix, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

How Much Do You Read Before Sharing? Let’s Check Your Smartness!

Now, sharing stuff on social media is part of our daily lives. From morning selfie to breakfast pics to Good Night post, people share ‘lots of things’ and lots of it is just a piece of shit! Sometimes, you share web content on your profiles just to prove that you are reading stuff on the web & you are not missing out, right? But wait for a second! Think how much of that stuff you actually read. Well, as per one study, it’s just 41%. Yep! About 51% links on social media are shared by users without even checking the content (for them just heading is sufficient to make the content share worthy). That’s where time goes. Instead of devoting your time to reading, you are ‘wasting’ it in sharing stuff that perhaps nobody is reading (after all, not many of us have huge following). Well, this leads to reduced information & is a signal of how dumb one can be! People feel that sharing is free. We’ll, it’s not as huge time cost is involved. Share 10 things and your 10-15 minutes are gone. Then you will look for how many likes, comments or retweets it has got – another time wasting factor. Smart people read more & share less on ‘social media’. Decide your category yourself!

Reference: Forbes, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

How Your Smartphone Affect Your Intelligence?

If you think your smartphone makes you smart, you are wrong. The fact is your smartphone makes you dumb & reduce your overall intelligence. Video games, internet, Social media and other such things in your phone impact your critical thinking negatively & harm your ability to concentrate. How? Well, you have all answers available just a tap away, so you no longer use your brain to solve a problem. Now your mind bear no pain, so it does have no gain! You constantly get push notifications distracting you from work and hindering your focus. Online activity is constantly seen with a cut in physical activity making our body & brain inactive! So, cut your time on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Video games and be more active in real life than online life. It’s more fruitful & enjoyable!

Source: Medical Daily, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

Is Facebook Popularity Going Down & Should You Join The Trend?

Yes, Facebook‘s popularity is going down especially among teens. Study shows that teens find YouTube, Instagram & Snapchat more interesting than Facebook (although we are not teens but we do think that Facebook is a crap now for personal as well as business use given the frequent data fraud & Privacy threat from Facebook!). People are ditching Facebook! Want proof? Well, In 2015, 71% of the survey participants were using Facebook and in 2018 survey, the percentage has dropped to just 51%! And considering the Facebook negative effects on all of us (peer pressure, stress, Facebook addiction, fake new, FOMO, time waste and much more!), you must consider quitting Facebook & we aren’t kidding. Quit Facebook just for a week & feel the change! You will be happy.

Source: TechCrunch, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

2018 Internet & Social Media Trends Highlights!

About 50% of the world is now online i.e. 360 crore+ people now use internet but at the same time, growth in internet users is getting slow.  Average screen time of a typical U.S. adult has grown from 5.6 hours a day to 5.9 hours a day. Now 13% of all retail purchases happen online & this percentage will grow further (isn’t it a threat to Brick & Mortar stores?). Taxi & car services like Uber are causing people buying fewer cars (beware cars companies!). Social Media is growing all time (no declining trends). Facebook now has 220 crore+ users, Pinterest has 20 crore+, Spotify has 17 crore+ & Netflix has 12.5 crore+ users! Facebook revenue has grown from $16 in 2015 to $34 in 2018! These stats are mind-boggling. What you think?

Source: 2018 Internet Trends Report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

Hello Network! – New Way To Connect With People

Hello Network‘ is the new social networking app created by the same person who created Orkut! We found it promising & interestingly engaging! To sign-up, you need to select 5 passions (called personas) & Hello will create a customized feed for you. As of May 2018, the app has got about 2 lacs users and 1000s of communities (kinda groups revolving around similar interest). The app can help you to connect with people who share same interests as you do & this way, you can grow your personal & professional network. On commenting & liking others post, you are rewarded points & levels! We think, this is the major reason for a high conversation rate on the network. It also makes the app kinda addictive as everybody is busy in liking & commenting to grab more points & reach a higher level. Want more points, you can purchase them with in-app purchase! Your points can be redeemed to create a community, anonymously create a post or boost your post! And yeah… you can chat with people (that’s normal now!). Well, overall Hello is a great network & worth a try. Feel free to download the app & let us know your experience.

Source: Hello Network.

This Messaging App is Much Better Than WhatsApp!

Title of this post is neither incorrect nor misleading. Read this post & by the end, you will know! WhatsApp was in good hands before it was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Now both Facebook & WhatsApp (Instagram too!) are controlled by Mark Zuckerberg who is known for threat to your privacy. Today, we got to know that WhatsApp CEO & co-founder Jan Koum is leaving WhatsApp & Facebook since Facebook (or Mark Zuckerberg) is imposing it’s cheap privacy practices on the messaging service & wants to compromise WhatsApp users data, privacy & encryption to make more money from this data in form of Facebook ads. Accordingly, your WhatsApp mobile number & contact list will also be misused by Facebook. Interestingly, WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton who started #deletefacebook campaign has donated $50 million to support the development of an app callled “Signal Private Messenger” which values your privacy & according to us is much better than WhatsApp. We have uninstalled WhatsApp & now using Signal. You are welcome to follow us & install Signal if you don’t want to be hacked. Signal is the best messaging app for privacy conscious people!

Source: WIRED, The Guardian, CNN.

What’s The Most Popular Internet Activity of Adults?

Forget shopping, surfing, online classes, social media, chatting, music & video streaming! Our email use has turned out to be number one activity on the internet. About 91% of the US adults use email, about 86% use messaging, about 71% use internet On-The-Go services, about 71% use social media, about 69% do shopping & enjoy other online consumer services. It sets email as the number one activity on the internet. Well, this also shows that most of the people are spending their time in their inbox & we can save our time by unsubscribing to useless emails. Today, almost all sites (Minute Crunch too!) demand your email as soon as you land on their page to deliver their newsletters in your inbox and derive traffic. Some websites even offer free books & other exciting stuff like discount codes & free trial of a premium service in consideration of your email but most of their emails are not useful. We suggest you to take a weekly “inbox checkup” & reconsider your subscriptions each week to keep the emails at minimum & get more stuff done!

References: Statista, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

Don’t Trust Facebook With Your Face! Here Is Why!

Facebook encourages its users to upload their “face” (Yes, Face!) as profile picture. It’s not gonna do anything in your favor. Trust us. Facebook is using the face of people like you to build a huge database of faces  to form a new kinda software or technology called “Facial Recognition“. It will be used for identifying & scanning people in photos & will suggest more names to be tagged in a photo when somebody posts new photo on Facebook. Since no technology is perfect! Who knows in what kind of photo you may be tagged by this new Facebook mess! It’s nothing less than a new threat to your privacy. Well, we suggest you to secure your face by removing all your photos from Facebook before Facebook makes dollars from selling your face! While you can’t remove photos posted by your friends in their own timeline, you may can must (neither we force you nor we can!) share this post with them & ask them to delete photos. They too deserve better privacy, right? Rest is up to you. After all, it’s your face!

Source: USA Today.