Set Your AC Temperature at 24°C (We’ve Got The Why!)

Set Your AC Temperature at 24°C - WinfiY crunch
Set Your AC Temperature at 24°C - WinfiY crunch

Indian Power Ministry has advised AC manufacture companies to set default temperature settings at 24°C which is expected to be mandated a later stage. What’s the reason? Well, every  1°C increase in AC temperature results in saving of 6% of electricity consumed! Now you got it, right? As per ministry 24°C is the optimum temperature: the fine balance between your “cool” & electricity consumption which can help us achieve billions of units of electricity (20 billion units in India alone!). Well, the plan is for India but we think the initiative can be joined by Indians as well as the people all around the world as ACs are used everywhere now. So, pick the remote & put your AC on 24! And yeah… we’ve already done it! 24 is cool, 24 is smart! #AC@24

Source: The Economic Times.

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