Stick to Single-Tasking & Get More Done!

Stick to Single Tasking Get More Done - WinfiY crunch

We often think that multi-tasking help us get more done but let us tell you that it’s a myth and only unaware people think like that! Truth is that multi-tasking doesn’t exist. In disguise of multi-tasking we are just doing task-switching – picking another task before completing the first or simultaneously doing two tasks like talking on phone & checking emails at the same time. Study has found that so called “multi-tasking” leads to 40% loss in your productivity because it can take up-to 25 minutes to focus on the original task after switching from the another one. So, if you wan to be productive & get more done, Be Smarter! Stick to single-tasking.

References: Wrike, Minute Crunch!

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