The Little Known Story Behind Tea!

The Little Known Story Behind Tea - WinfiY crunch

Tea is the favorite morning drink for many people around the world to let them start their day! Do you even think who invented tea, how it was invented and where? Well, the story behind it is not clear but it’s interesting though! As per records available, it is likely that tea was discovered in ChinaAccidentally“! About 4700 years ago, the Chinese Emperor noticed that a green leaf (that we call tea leaf now) had drifted in the boiling water which changed the color of water as well! When he took a sip of the leaf infused water, he felt fresh & good and was surprised by its flavor & healthy properties. He went on to research & test the medical properties of such leaf on himself & revealed the medical properties of such herbal leaves and accidentally invented the herbal drink what we call “tea” today!

Source: Wikipedia, Mighty Leaf, OTG, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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