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The Man Who Never Slept!

The Man Who Never Slept!

AI Herpin - The Man Who Never Slept - WinfiY crunch

We are talking about “AI Herpin” here, an American who was (in fact “is”) known as “Man Who Never Slept”. Herpin lived for 94 years (age not verified) and never slept for even a second. Well, sleep is important for life, however, Herpin’s case was medically different. It is claimed that few days prior to Herpin’s birth, his mother suffered a major injury & that effected him in a way that he lived without sleep for his lifetime. He has no bed in his home & used to rest on his rocking chair. Despite no sleep, he was healthy & alert for his entire life. This man never slept, just rested. His insomnia didn’t effect him & he lived for 94 years!

Source: Wikipedia, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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