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The Most Populated City On Earth & More About It!

The Most Populated City On Earth & More About It!

Shanghai Bund Night Pearl Of The Orient Night

Shanghai city of china, which is home to 24.2 million people, is the world’s largest city in terms of population. Chinese government is all set to make Shanghai the New York of Asia with motto “city that never sleeps”! With China’s desire to become the international center of finance & culture, Shanghai houses many international companies & known as the “Birthplace of Chinese Cinema”. It has longest metro system in the world spread over 364 stations & 7 crore people visit its international airport an year. In Shanghai, English is a mandatory subject taught to children from the first grade (Good thing & necessary as well considering the fact that Shanghai is a global city). Bonus: Beijing with population of 21.5 million & Delhi with population of 16.7 million rank second & third in the list!

Source: World Atlas, China Highlights, Oh Fact, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

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