These Sea animals hold hands of each other while sleeping!

Sea Otter Hold Hands while sleeping under sea water - WinfiY crunch

We’re talking about “Sea Otter” here. Sea Otter is a kind of marine mammal & they are the heaviest of all other sea species with a weight of 14-45 kilograms. Otter mothers are known for care they provide to their children. Child otter (called “pup“) cries loudly if its mother doesn’t return while sleeping. No wonder these are adorable but what makes them special (& surprising at the same time) is that they hold hands of each other while sleeping (have a look at the post image)! These have “waterproof hairs” around their body & can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes. It’s the only sea species which is capable of lifting rocks. Well, given all these facts, we can say that Sea Otter is a “Super Cool” sea species & it’s one of its kind. Their sleeping habit just makes us wonder! What you think?

Source: Wikipedia.

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