These Smoking Stats Are Alarming & You’ve Got A Job!

Smoke Smoking Smoking Ban Non Smoking Cigarette
Smoke Smoking Smoking Ban Non Smoking Cigarette

China is world’s largest tobacco market & 68% of the Chinese men & 3.2% of Chinese women are smokers! Indonesia, which rank second in the list has about 10 crore smokers killing more than 2 lac Indonesians every year. At a global level, tobacco kills 70 lac people each year! There are 110 crore+ smokers in the world & the number is going to increase given the fact that 80,000 – 100,000 children join smoking everyday (sad). Main reason for smoking is found to be Tobacco advertising & teenagers are especially influenced by it (no matter what, such ads should be banned). Well, smoking is not a smart thing and it’s better not to be a part of it. If unfortunately, you or your loved ones are a victim of it, don’t worry as we have hope! Yes! Each year about 1.3 million people quit smoking in the USA alone. You can help increase this number by quitting yourself & helping others quit. Click on SmokeFree link below to get help! Also, spread the word with #QuitSmoking & #BanTobaccoAds to let others find it & support the ban on tobacco ads.

Source: WHO, Quartz, The Conversation, WPRO, Photo Thanks: MaxPixel.

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