This App Let You Get Private (& Secret) Information Of Your WhatsApp Friends!

ChatWatch App Let You Get Private Secret Information of Your WhatsApp Friends - WinfiY crunch

Don’t get boggled! You read it right! One App called “ChatWatch” claims that it can monitor your WhatsApp contacts’ online/ offline activity even when their “Last Seen” status is hidden! The App can tell you when your friends went to bed, how long they slept & when they woke up! You can also find out for how long “they” are using WhatsApp and whom they are chatting with! The App uses AI to find out the same time when two of your friends were online & can give an estimate of exact time when “they” had a chat! It’s extreme! Isn’t it? Well, it appears that Facebook’s company has ruined WhatsApp as well. From the App’s claims, it appears that WhatsApp doesn’t give a damn about your privacy. Well, it’s right – “When You’re not paying, you are the product” (& for WhatsApp, you don’t pay!).

Source: LifeHacker, ChatWatch.

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