This App Listen To The Health Issues & Problems Of Bees!

Bees Health Guru App Listen To The Health Issues Problems of Bees - WinfiY crunch

Bees make various sounds depending on their situation & health. One app called “Bee Health Guru” has been created which can make better use of these sounds. This app is able to listen to the bees sounds and can help the beekeepers to find out the problems of bees & determine their health. Bees can be educated & trained like dogs and rats to find mines coupled with the help of the App (Fun Fact: Bess learn quicker than dogs & rats!). Well, that’s a good initiative for the health of the bees, honey production & for the economic development as well. Now, Bees will be able to speak their health problems through this “Smart App“.

Source: The Economist, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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