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This is The Only ‘Floating’ National Park on our Planet!

This is The Only ‘Floating’ National Park on our Planet!

Keibul Lamjao Floating National Park Manipur India - WinfiY crunch

It’s “Keibul Lamjao National Park” – the only national park which keeps floating (Yes, it keeps floating in water! Have a look at the post image!). Now a perfect refugee for many species, the park was established with “floating” solid vegetation mass (locally called “phumdis“) created with organic garbage & soil. Located in Manipur of India, it has “Sangai” (a kind of deer) as its flagship species which attract increasing number of visitors to the park and have created several jobs for villagers. Want to experience this park but can’t plan a visit to Manipur, no worries. Just watch the 11-Minute documentary of the park called “The Return of Sangai” to have a virtual experience (We enjoyed it fully!).

Source: Suggested by Tarun, Wikipedia, YouTube.

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