This Is What Happens In Your Inbox (Email Stats Bonus Included)

Emails & Inbox Stats - WinfiY crunch

#1 49.7% of the total emails are considered as spam and USA, Russia & China are top spam producing countries #2 35% of the marketing emails you open solely on the basis of its subject line #3 17% of email users in America change their email ID every 6 months #4 30% email users change their email ID every year #5 35% of the professionals use email on their mobile devices #6 People under 25 years old prefer messaging than email #7 By 2019 start, there will be 380 crores email users in the world & the number is expected to grow to 420 crore by 2022 #8 On average, each user has 1.75 email IDs #9 Each day, average professional receives 121 emails & sends out 40 #10 iPhone is the most popular device for checking emails #11 On Tuesday, more emails are opened than any other day of the week (so send important emails on Tuesday!)

Source: Lifewire, CoSchedule, Lifewire, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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