This Messaging App is Much Better Than WhatsApp!

Signal Private Messaging App is Much Better Than Facebook WhatsApp - WinfiY crunch

Title of this post is neither incorrect nor misleading. Read this post & by the end, you will know! WhatsApp was in good hands before it was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Now both Facebook & WhatsApp (Instagram too!) are controlled by Mark Zuckerberg who is known for threat to your privacy. Today, we got to know that WhatsApp CEO & co-founder Jan Koum is leaving WhatsApp & Facebook since Facebook (or Mark Zuckerberg) is imposing it’s cheap privacy practices on the messaging service & wants to compromise WhatsApp users data, privacy & encryption to make more money from this data in form of Facebook ads. Accordingly, your WhatsApp mobile number & contact list will also be misused by Facebook. Interestingly, WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton who started #deletefacebook campaign has donated $50 million to support the development of an app callled “Signal Private Messenger” which values your privacy & according to us is much better than WhatsApp. We have uninstalled WhatsApp & now using Signal. You are welcome to follow us & install Signal if you don’t want to be hacked. Signal is the best messaging app for privacy conscious people!

Source: WIRED, The Guardian, CNN.

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