This Office Design Trick Can Make You More Healthier & Less Stressed!

This Office Design Trick Can Make You More Healthier & Less Stressed - WinfiY crunch

You work for hours in office! Good! Want better? Okay! Just use desks without partitions and walls, get rid of cubicles & private cabins and maintain an open work space. Yes, that’s the trick. Study from University of Arizona found that in an open office, people have high physical activity like walking, have better conversations & relationship with co-workers coupled with low stress levels, compared to people working in closed spaces like cubicles & desks with partitions. Open office design can contribute a lot towards betterment & health of workers. Some people may argue that open spaces are more noisy and can be distracting. Well, that’s for all the employees to maintain a healthy work environment. Don’t you think that office space should be open & more collaborative, given its health benefits? Do let us know your thoughts. Hopefully, It will also help to make a “few billions cut” in “workplace ill health costs” that take down about $225 billion a year from the US economy alone!

References: ABC News, Science Daily, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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