This one technique can make you superior- It’s ‘Tomato’ Technique!

Pomodoro Technique - WinfiY crunch

All of us want to achieve more & more! But how? Answer – Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is a time management technique that suggest first decide the task to be completed, then work on it for a continous of 25 minutes ‘without distractions’ in one sitting & then take a short 3-5 minutes break. Repeat such work-cycle for 4 times & then take long 15-30 minutes break. Fun Fact: Interestingly the name Pomodoro was derived from the italian word “pomodoro” which means tomato since the timer used to track the time was a tomato shaped (Have a look at this post image and you’ll get it)! Try Pomodoro & let us know how effective is it!

Source: Wikipedia.

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