This Shoes let you order Pizza (and Pause TV when you collect your order)!

Pizza Hut Pie Tops II shoes - WinfiY crunch

We are talking about Pizza Hut’s ‘Pie Tops II’ shoes here. The Pizza company has came up with a really out-of-the box yet little weird product called ‘Pie Tops II’ shoes that has a built in ‘Pizza Order Button‘ to order (a yummy) pizza via Bluetooth connectivity and another ‘Pause TV Button‘ to pause the TV when you walk out to receive your yummy Pizza order at your doorstep! Well, some folks dubbed these shoes as ‘Smart shoes’ (we are not sure about their smartness!). BTW, we are most eager to hear your opinion on these ‘Pizza Shoes’ & their smartness.

Source: The Verge, FORTUNE magazineTwitter.

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