These Words Are A Symbol Of Depression.

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Depressed people speak language of depression. One study with the help of ‘computerized text analysis’, has found a set of words that depressed people use often. A few words in the chart of “depression keyword” are “lonely”, “sad” & “miserable”. Of course, these negative words express negative emotions and express the situation the person is… Continue reading These Words Are A Symbol Of Depression.

Why You Must Take a Walk In The ‘Morning’?

Why You Must Take a Walk In The ‘Morning’ - WinfiY crunch

Walking in morning feels so good! Morning time has least amount of pollution, it’s calm, has fresh air that makes you feel relax, happy & energetic for the rest of your day. That’s not all! There are countless health benefits as well. Morning walk lowers risk of diabetes, cancer & heart diseases & keep your… Continue reading Why You Must Take a Walk In The ‘Morning’?

Relation Between Divorce & Health!

Relation Between Divorce or separation & Health - WinfiY crunch

No wonder that most (if not all!) divorcees are unhappy with their life. Their poor life satisfaction can cause development of unhealthy habits like smoking & no exercise. Most surprisingly, an analysis of 5786 people found that separation can increase the risk of early death by about 47%! One point to be noted here is… Continue reading Relation Between Divorce & Health!

You Need A Bedtime Alarm For A Good Sleep!

You Need A Bedtime Alarm For A Good Sleep - WinfiY crunch

Almost all of us set up a morning alarm, right? Perhaps no one of us set up a bedtime alarm! Do you? Well, you should. Set up an alarm to buzz at least an hour before your bedtime. And yeah… set it for the same time each night. Why? Well, It will alarm you to… Continue reading You Need A Bedtime Alarm For A Good Sleep!

Does Overweight Mean Unhealthy?

Does Overweight & Obesity Mean Unhealthy - WinfiY crunch

To cut the answer short, being overweight doesn’t mean being unhealthy but people with obesity bear increased risk of most diseases! People with excessive body fat have 50% more chances of diabetes, high cholesterol & high blood pressure coupled with stroke & heart diseases. Further, obese people find it difficult to even move around! Best… Continue reading Does Overweight Mean Unhealthy?