Why Cows have ID Cards in India?

Why Cows have ID Cards in India - WinfiY crunch

There are very few people who may not be aware about the Aadhar ID system in India (obviously for human beings!) but a lots of us are not aware about the “ID system for Cows” prevalent in the country! Well, you must have heard about the problem of cow trafficking & beef in India. In… Continue reading Why Cows have ID Cards in India?

India’s Holy River, Ganga’s water may make you sick!

India's Holy River Gangas water may make you sick - WinfiY crunch

Well, we are not sure if India’s Holy River, Ganga’s water can wash your sin (people believe so) but it’s certainly not fit for even your bath. Don’t even think to drink “Gangaajal” (as we call it religiously). What’s the reason? It’s Ganga’s water quality. Recent test has shown high level of toxic materials in… Continue reading India’s Holy River, Ganga’s water may make you sick!

First “Hindu Temple” in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Abu Dhabi Skyline - WinfiY crunch

Most beloved Prime Minister Mr. Modi lays foundation stone of first “Hindu temple” in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 11 February 2018. Mr. Modi addressed “I would like to request all those associated with the construction of the temple that the rulers here have shown so much respect for India. They have been proud of India’s cultural history. Now it’s our responsibility that there is no mistake on our part”. This new Hindu Temple shall be build on a generous gift of land by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; will be hand-carved by Indian temple artisans; will be completed by 2020 and will be open to people of all religious backgrounds. Gosh part is that this will be the first “Hindu Temple” on the UAE land!