Want Good Mental Health? Do ABC Workout!

ABC Mental Health Workout - WinfiY crunch

Even in 21st century modern age, talking about our mental problems is considered as stigma while it’s a simple health problem like any other health problems. Anyway, you want a good mental health. Right? Okay. Just do ABC – “Act-Belong-Commit” mental health workout! It’s a simple DIY workout for good mental health. “Act” here means being active outside of work & engage yourself in social, spiritual & physical activities. “Belong” here means building strong relationships with friends, families & other community members. Belonging provides a kind of mental support & help in dealing with mental pain & stress. “Commit” here means your commitment to things that add meaning & purpose to your life, doing things that you love & reduce the feeling of self-centredness. It can include volunteerism, helping others, pursuing a hobby, accepting a challenge et cetera. Commitment helps in living an intentional life & boost brain with the feeling of “making a difference”. So, do ABC & keep your mind healthy. Happy ABC ahead…

References: The Conversation, Photo Thanks: PublicDomainPictures.Net.

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