Want To Achieve Your Goals? Write Them! Here Is Why.

Goal Writing worksheet & write your goals to achieve them - WinfiY crunch

All people (except anomalies!) have “some goals” in their lives. Very few smarter people¬† (“first class“) pen down their goals (& yeah… they are not foolish in doing so!). On the other hand, many people (“second class“) just record them in their brain (so powerful brain!) and don’t feel (or know) the need to write down their goals somewhere, where they can see them regularly. In which class do you fall in? Well if you are in the first class, good for you! But if you are in the second class, be ready to upgrade & change your habit. You must write down your goals & the reason for doing so is psychological.¬† Written goals have a visual impact on your brain that makes your brain work actively to achieve your goals & you have 42% more chances to achieve goals that are written! That’s how our brain works! So, do write your goals.

Source: HuffPost, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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