Want to break a Bad habit & build a Good one: Use Leon’s Ctrl+Alt+Delete Method!

Ctrl Alt Delete methoud to migrate from Bad Habits to Good Habits - WinfiY crunch

Who doesn’t want to break bad habits and build good ones? Well, no one! But it’s hard. It was hard for ‘Leon Ho’ (the founder & CEO of Lifehack.org) as well, but the brilliant man had discovered a great formula to get it done: Ctrl+Alt+Del (What that mean?). Well, in Leon’s terms ‘Ctrl’ means ‘master your desire’ i.e. what joy/ comfort you are getting with that habit (like Leon wanted to be alert with excessive coke drink!). ‘Alt’ means ‘Find an Alternative’ to your desire (like Leon replaced Coke with Lemon water!). ‘Delete’ means ‘Removing temptations’ i.e. removing things that reminds you of your bad habit (like Leon replaced his office chair with another one which makes it hard for him slipping back!). Well done Leon for replacing coke with lemon water. Now it’s your turn. GO ON NOW!

Source: Lifehack.

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