Want To Live More? Sleep Properly!

Sleep Properly if Want To Live More - WinfiY crunch
Sleep Properly if Want To Live More - WinfiY crunch

We all know “Better Sleep = Better Health”. Lack of sleep don’t just impair your health but also leads to several heart & blood related diseases that can increase the risk of death by up to two times! That is something you must be serious about. Going further, study revealed some more shocking fact. Sleeping for more than usual hours (means too much sleep) can also double the death risk. It means people who sleep less as well as people who sleep more are sunbjected to higher risk of death. Our take: Your life is important than anything else, Don’t take risk with your sleep else you may risk your life! Sleep for 7 hours per night. It’s best number for sleep. No More! No Less!

Source: ScienceDaily, Photo Thanks: Pexels.

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