Want to maximize Your creativity? Just Relax; Sit Idle & Do Nothing! Here is Why.

Maximize Your Creativity by Just Relaxing & Sit Idle Doing Nothing - WinfiY crunch

We have got the hack to make you more creative (& it is backed by a scientific experiment!). The hack is – Just Relax, Sit idle and Do Nothing (for a while, of course!). We are talking about the concept called ‘Default Mode Network’ (DMN). According to this concept, when our brain is not focused on a particular task, it is in autopilot mode and certain brain parts become more active in that mode leading to creative thinking. So, whenever you need to do something creative, Don’t think, sit idle and let your brain rest. Actually, our brain does never rest even in rest mode, rather it may be more active when it’s unfocused & can come up with something creative for us that can make us brilliant! Surely, we can’t sit idle for all time, but we should definitely give some rest to our mind to be more healthy, productive & creative.

Source: Forbes.

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