What You Do Most With Majority Of Your Office Time?

Leaders spend 80 persent of their time in communication - WinfiY crunch

You might be thinking – what a ridiculous question is this! I do office work during office hours, obviously!  Yes, you are right. Pause for a moment & give a thought to what kind of work you do. So, you thought about? Good! Now, let us tell you that unless you are an intern, you will have a team to manage in your organization and you will be leading your team. That makes you a leader, no matter big or small. Research finds that leaders spend around 80% of their time in effective communication (Don’t know how effective?). It presents a huge opportunity for you to sharpen your communication skills and save time spent on communication (& time wasted on communication like in meetings with no conclusion, redrafting that email again & again to perfect it & so on!). We think when it comes to communication, we need to be more informal since to present ourselves formal, we are wasting rather than utilizing our precious time in communication. remember: success lies in effective communication, not perfect communication! How much of your time you spend in communication? Do let us know. Also tell us what would you like to add in your communication skills?

Source: CMOE, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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