What’s The Right Amount Of Money For Happiness?

Right Amount Of Money For Happiness - WinfiY crunch

As a common perception, money is directly linked with happiness. The more, the better! But it’s not. As per study involving 17 lac people, $95,000 per year per person is the best figure for a happiest life. While this figure may need adjustment as you move from one region to another but it’s the best estimate available. Going beyond this number (means money more than $95,000) is linked with reduced happiness. Why? Well, only money can’t buy you happiness. Apart from money, friendship, family, quality time to do what you love are some of the most important sources of happiness. No matter how much money you have, if you can’t do what you want in life, all money is waste! So, once you have right amount of money to enjoy life, don’t chase it anymore, focus on other things instead! After all, life is short!

Reference: Big Think, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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