When You Should NOT Post Your Vacation Pics On Social Media?

Do Not Post Your Vacation Pics On Social Media When You Are on Vacation - WinfiY crunch

Simple answer is: when you are on vacation. Yes, you should not post your vacation photos on social media or internet when you are on vacation. Don’t worry. We’ll discuss the safety reason behind it! Social media is an open space & when you post your vacation or travel pics in real time, your friends & other people who knows you (including some bad guys out there) know that you are far away from home. In your absence, such bad guys may target your home for their next robbery or other like activities. So, why take risk? Just snap the pictures. Keep those in your phone & post them when you are back! Smart & safe approach, right? Post smart! Be safe! Wish you happy & safe vacations ahead!

Source: Reader’s Digest, Pixabay.

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