Who Owns Most Of The World’s Gold?

Extravagant Lighting Extravagance Ceiling Gold
Extravagant Lighting Extravagance Ceiling Gold

It’s United States of America! With 8,133.5 tons of gold bullion, USA tops the chart of largest gold reserves. Germany is second-largest gold-holder with 3,372 tons of gold, International Monetary Fund or IMF (which represent a group of 189 countries) grabbed 3rd position with 2,814 tons of gold! Italy has 4th position with 2,451 tons & France has 5th position with 2,436 tons of gold! Huge, right? (Fun Fact: Why IMF has such huge reserve? Well, 25% of IMF quota subscription is paid in gold by each country!).

Source: Love Money, Indian Economy, Photo Thanks: MaxPixel.

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