Why Cows have ID Cards in India?

Why Cows have ID Cards in India - WinfiY crunch

There are very few people who may not be aware about the Aadhar ID system in India (obviously for human beings!) but a lots of us are not aware about the “ID system for Cows” prevalent in the country! Well, you must have heard about the problem of cow trafficking & beef in India. In India where cow is treated like mother, true Indians are strictly against such trafficking & beef issue & to tackle the situation, have come up with a very interesting solution – “Laminated Photo ID Card for Cows“! The card contains photo of cow, it’s color, height, gender & other details related to cow along with owner details & is tied with cow bells that helps in cow identification & avoid their trafficking. The ID card system with a validity is 2 years was first introduced in West Bengal & is now followed in many parts of India.

Source: Reacho, Mocomi, Photo Thanks: Unsplash.

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