Why Do You Like Articles In Listicle Form?

Why Do You Like Articles In Listicle Form - WinfiY crunch

For those who don’t know about listicle – ‘A listicle is an article in form of a list (List + Article)’! We all like those articles where content is divided with numbered or bullet points, but why? Well, when you know the path you are going to walk, you feel comfortable! In listicles, big chunk of information is divided into small pieces which provide a sense of relief that you don’t have a go through those big & boring paragraphs! Lots of sites like BuzzFeed, Listly made themselves big on the back of listicles! Also, internet have reduced our attention span to a few seconds & we just scan the information now. Listicles perform well in scanning! Also, numbers make our minds curious. When you see title ‘5+ Surprising Benefits Of Laughter You Might Not Know’, it definitely tickle your mind to know those ‘5+’ things, right? Well, we have placed the link below for you!

Source: The University of Chicago, Bunny Inc., Minute Crunch, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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