Why Does Shopping Feel So Good & Why You Should Avoid ‘So Much Shopping’?

Why Shopping Feels So Good & Why You Should Avoid It - WinfiY crunch

If you are not an aomaly, you love shopping even though it takes your hard earned money away from you, right? Shopping makes you feel good & reason is psychological! Shopping is refreshing & gratifying, you get the thing you want & it gives kinda satisfaction & feeling of control on life as well. That’s good! But sometimes you just see a thing, you like it & you buy it instantly without giving a second thought even though you don’t need it. Such “Impulsively Buying” is called “Impulse Shopping” means “Shopping Without Thought“. That’s not good since it suggest that you are “Shopaholic” means “Addicetd to Shopping! If that’s the case, you must monitor your buying habits, else you may be preparing to run into financial crisis. Don’t let shopping control your mind, control the shopping intead. If you don’t need, don’t buy! Simple! Minute Crunch Tip: don’t shop on Credit Cards (seriously! & yeah… Finance person know why!).

References: BBC, Photo Thanks: Flickr.



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