Why people (especially Indians) are so much Sleep deprived?

Sleep Deprivation Major Cause Revealed - WinfiY crunch
Sleep Deprivation Major Cause Revealed - WinfiY crunch

The answer to this why has been discovered and “not shockingly”, it’s not a work pressure that doesn’t let people sleep instead it’s their pity addiction to technology. Today, most people have become “Tech Pet” & remaining few are on their way to get this honor very soon. They don’t own and direct their lives anymore but their smartphone and gadgets does. Recent Philips’ “Better Sleep, Better Health” global survey shows that 32% of the Indians are sleep deprived due to technology distractions & 35% adults in the world are not getting enough sleep! Our take: We all know how essential is good sleep for a good and productive life. If you consider yourself in the sleep deprivation bracket, mind you! Turn your gadgets off at least an hour before bed-time. Try to change your habits. You can do it!

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