Why Perfection Is Always Imperfect?

Why Perfection Is Always Imperfect - WinfiY crunch
Why Perfection Is Always Imperfect - WinfiY crunch

First & foremost fact is that perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection means a particular thing is at its best and no change needed. It implies an end to innovation & improvement & change, which can’t happen as we all know the only thing which is constant is change. Innovation & invention are ongoing processes and all things are improved as time passes by. Take iPhone for example. Since launch of iPhone’s first version in 2007, we now have iPhone X. In the next year, Apple will launch next iPhone model (hopefully!). Why there is need for a new model every year? Well, the answer is ‘everything is imperfect & we all work endlessly to make them all perfect’. That’s why Perfection is always Imperfect. And yeah… don’t run after perfection. Just get the stuff done right. 

References: Photo Thanks: Pablo & Unsplash.

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