Why Should You Allot Flexible Time To Your Tasks in To-Do List?

Flexibility Leads To Higher Productivity - WinfiY crunch

Research found that being flexible can increase your productivity while if you try to complete a task in a very rigid & very time-bound matter (say in exactly one hour!), mental pressure to do so can affect your focus negatively. In the study, 1 group was allotted about 5 minutes & the another group was allotted exactly 5 minutes to perform certain tasks. The first group accomplished 2.38 tasks while the second group performed 1.86! It shows rigidity (“exactly 5 minutes” time here) & constraints actually harm your productivity while flexibility (“about 5 minutes” here) can give a boost to your productivity & you can get more stuff done without building up pressure on your mind! So, be flexible!

Source: Big Think, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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