Why There Is No Taxes on Churches & Like Religious Institutions?

Why There Is No Taxes on Churches & Like Religious Institutions - WinfiY crunch

People in the entire world have great sentimental & religious values attached to Churches & other religious places like temples, Gurdwaras & Mosques and these places have been kept out of taxes from ancient times considering the value they add to our society. Churches are treated as charitable organizations that help the world in reducing crime, helping poor & spreading positive vibes in people’s lives. It’s good to keep churches tax exempt when it comes to community benefits. At the same time it can’t be ignored that if churches are taxed, it can lead to a revenue of $83.5 billion that can end poverty not only in U.S.A. but the entire world! Also, it’s no secret that churches & other charities are abused by many people as a tax saving tool for their personal benefit. Well, can it be said that taxing churches & rational use of tax revenue therefrom can help the world in good ways. What you think?

Source: Big Think, Photo Thanks: PDP.

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