Why You Must Have An Afternoon Nap (Even In Office or At Work!)

Health & Work Benefits of Afternoon Nap - WinfiY crunch

We divide our day in 2 parts – One is when we sleep & the other is when we are awake. Can’t we take a small leap in our wake part? Yes, we’re talking about nap! A short nap of 20-30 minutes during daytime hours (preferably in late noon) can improve your mood, alertness & performance & sharpen your thinking. It also calm down your nerves, boost willpower & keep blood pressure in control. If you are an office person, don’t worry! Do let your boss know about afternoon-nap benefits & resulting increased productivity & job-alertness at work. And yeah… Also ask your boss to follow the tip! If s/he has even little brain, you will get the permission. So, never miss an afternoon nap again. If you are at home, you are good to go. If you are a office person, now you know how to convince your boss, right? Happy Napping! Zzz…!

Source: Sleep Foundation, Tree Hugger, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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