Why You Must Stop Eating At Your Desk!

Why You Must Stop Eating At Your Desk - WinfiY crunch

Our keyboard, telephones & desk being commonly touched things are the places full of germs! You can save yourself from the huge bacteria exposure just by eating away from your desk (& yeah… leave your smartphone aside as it is not so smart!). Also, sitting at your desk for the entire day leads to inactivity & weight gain. If you take your lunch break away from your desk, it will refresh & recreate your mind, boost your energy which is beneficial in terms of productive & efficient working. It’s much better if you have it with your co-workers & socialize with other team members as well with few informal chats over lunch. It can create better relationships & help in team building & better team work. Remember: we work to live, not live to work! So, have proper lunch breaks. Don’t worry about time. Your lunch break will cover it with your post lunch increased work capacity!

Source: UA NewsLifehacker, Huffpost, Photo Thanks: Wikimedia.

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