Why You Should Listen More & Speak Less?

Why You Should Listen More & Speak Less - WinfiY crunch

Listeners are considered as “smarter” than those who speak a lot! And Yeah… listeners are really smart because they are more thoughtful & always have more in their brains while talkers are busy is expressing themselves all the time cutting their time on hearing to others’ experiences. Use your ears more compared to your mouth. It will lead your way to grab more knowledge from others rather than just telling your own stuff. Look, if you are telling the same story 100 times to 100 people, it will not add anything to your learning basket while if you listen to 100 stories of 100 people, it can add a lot to your experiences! So, speaking is not bad, too much speaking is! We hope you get us right! Speak less, Listen More! Be a Good Listener! That’s good for you 🙂

References: Photo Thanks: Flickr.


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