Why You Should Not Get Too Comfortable In Life!

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Comfort Zone defined by Lifehacker: “behavioral space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk“! To be successful in life, we need to do new things & push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Trying new things may feel scary & stressful but it’s a part of long journey to success! When we get too comfortable in life, doing something different can become very difficult. Once we push ourselves out of our relax zone, take risks & aspire to do different things, innovation happens. Challenging life with courage has its own magic feeling. It makes you more strong & confident. Most importantly, life outside of comfort zone is most dynamic, non-boring, adventurous & “more live”! We’re not saying that you leave your home or work & go to mountains or forests to  test yourself! All we’re saying is that you must have the courage to bear the stress & discomfort of moving out of your comfort zone so that you can deal with unplanned work & life situations. It will help you grow, becoming more creative & achieve your best.

Reference: HuffPost, Lifehacker, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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