Why Your Hands & Legs Goes To Sleep? Is It Harmful?

Why Your Hands & Legs Goes To Sleep & Is It Harmful - WinfiY crunch

We all have had the experience when our hand or leg become insensitive or insensible and we feel paralyzed not able to move! This happen when you don’t move and keep yourself in a motionless position for a long time (example: crossing one leg over another, sleeping on your arm for hours, et cetera) and a related nerve stop receiving oxygen & feel too much pressure. So, your hands or leg become stilled. Then your brain tells you to move to pass oxygen to that nerve and your insensitive parts like hands or leg become active again. Well, it’s normal if it goes away in minutes after you move. If it’s frequent & stays longer, seek medical help! And Yeah… don’t remain motionless!

Source: Self, DW, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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