World’s First Search Engine Was Not Google!

First search engine of world was Archie & not Google - WinfiY crunch

Now all of us find answers to our questions on Google! About entire information on the web is listed on Google. You just Google it. You will be surprised to know that Google was not the first search engine. World’s first internet search engine was “Archie” which derived its name from the word ‘Archive ” & was founded in 1990 (Google was created in 1997). In fact, before Google became the lead player in search, there were many major players like Yahoo, WebCrawler, infoseek et cetera that Google put almost to death with its good search results and instant answers to user queries. Well, by this it can be learned that nothing is permanent and you can lead the work with your work & innovation like Google did!

Source: Wikipedia, WordStream, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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