World’s Largest Coffee Mug & The Best Way To Use It!

World's Largest Coffee Mug & The Best Way To Use It - Minute Crunch

Yep! It’s available! World’s largest coffee mug [insanely] can hold upto 5914 ml of coffee, which is roughly equal to what a combined 20 regular coffee mugs can hold (Are you surprised?)!

Upto 4 ‘normal’ cups of coffee in a day is considered as safe coffee consumption. More than that can be harmful for health. Considering that fact, world’s largest coffee mug holds coffee that is suitable for 5-days consumption, not 1-day consumption. Only a health-spoiler would like to have that ‘much-much’ coffee. Yeah… if you’re keen to drink coffee in this cup, you can put in just normal quantity & drink it. That way, you can drink coffee in world’s largest coffee cup, without hurting your health! That seems to be a good idea, right? What you think? Would you like to buy this cup? Well, no matter you hate this cup or love this cup, one thing is sure: it’s one of the coolest coffee mug & a must have kinda thing for coffee lovers!

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