How To Lie Believably!

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Well, you must be wondering about the title of this post, right? Let’s face the truth. We all come across situations when we just need to lie. But the problem is that not many people know how to lie believably & they get caught! Let’s learn the art! Firstly, be confident. In your lie, include… Continue reading How To Lie Believably!

‘No Sidebar’ – Design A Simple Life

No Sidebar - Design a Simple Life - One of the Best Website on Minimalism - WinfiY crunch

‘Design a Simple Life‘ is the Slogan of – a website focused on minimalist lifestyle. In the hunt for more and more things in life, we start owning things that we don’t even need and the result is (in No Sidebar language): ‘All that stuff gets in the way of where we really want… Continue reading ‘No Sidebar’ – Design A Simple Life