Obsession: Good or Bad?

Obsession - Good or Bad - WinfiY crunch

Answer to this question is simple: It depends! It depends on what are you obsessed with. If you are obsessed with good things – good for you. If you are obsessed with bad things – bad for you. Perseverance is the key to be successful and obsession can be seen as one of the forms… Continue reading Obsession: Good or Bad?

Best Tips From Best People To Help You Succeed!

Best Tips From Best People To Help You Succeed - WinfiY crunch

#1 Find what you love doing & explore the ways to monetize it (Warren Buffet). #2 Make a list of everything (Richard Branson). You know written goals have a visual impact on your brain that makes your brain work actively to achieve your goals & you have 42% more chances to achieve goals that are… Continue reading Best Tips From Best People To Help You Succeed!

Do You Care About Salary? 

Do You Care About Salary - WinfiY crunch

Young people don’t care about salary! Earlier people used to do a job with highest pay. But now, things have changed. Young people don’t want a job just for the sake of money but to make an impact as well. They believe their work has to count. Today’s generation is not driven not by money but… Continue reading Do You Care About Salary?