Do You Care About Salary? 

Do You Care About Salary - WinfiY crunch

Young people don’t care about salary! Earlier people used to do a job with highest pay. But now, things have changed. Young people don’t want a job just for the sake of money but to make an impact as well. They believe their work has to count. Today’s generation is not driven not by money but by purpose. This new passion-driven trend is increasing day-by-day. People are leaving their 5-9 jobs to pursue their dream career. They are taking big risks (Higher Risk = Higher Gain or Loss). Well, our advice is to take calculated risks rather than risks. Following passion mindlessly can end-up in you reaching no where. Plan carefully about your finances before leaving a job or saying No to that job offer as following passion is great but to survive, you need money as well. Make sure that you have enough money to invest in your passion & have enough time to wait till your passion-driven plan start making money for you.

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