Obsession: Good or Bad?

Obsession - Good or Bad - WinfiY crunch

Answer to this question is simple: It depends! It depends on what are you obsessed with. If you are obsessed with good things – good for you. If you are obsessed with bad things – bad for you. Perseverance is the key to be successful and obsession can be seen as one of the forms of perseverance. Obsession, if channeled in right direction, can be one of the most important factors you can use to boost your lifestyle. The problem is, most people are obsessed with things like Instagram, their favorite song that keeps on changing with new releases, their favorite TV show, their favorite celebrity & things like that! We rarely find people who are obsessed with what they do in their work life, and these rare people who are most successful as well. Top sports person are obsessed with their sport (Take Mr. Virat Kohli for example), top actors are obsessed with acting (take Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio for example), top politicians are obsessed with politics (take Mr. Narendra Modi for example), top businessperson are obsessed with their innovations (take Mr. Elon Musk for example). So, obsession is neither good nor bad. It’s us who make it good or bad. So, let’s make it good!  

References: Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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