What’s The Right Amount Of Money For Happiness?

Right Amount Of Money For Happiness - WinfiY crunch

As a common perception, money is directly linked with happiness. The more, the better! But it’s not. As per study involving 17 lac people, $95,000 per year per person is the best figure for a happiest life. While this figure may need adjustment as you move from one region to another but it’s the best… Continue reading What’s The Right Amount Of Money For Happiness?

World’s Most Valuable Brand (2018)

World’s Most Valuable Brand as per BrandZ 2018 Ranking - WnfiY crunch

As per ranking by global brand consultancy BrandZ, based on a combination of customer sentiment & financial performance, Google topped the 2018 chart of the most valuable brands in the world with a brand value of $302.06 billion. Apple is second ($301 billion), Amazon is third ($208 billion) and Microsoft ($201 billion) grabbed the fourth… Continue reading World’s Most Valuable Brand (2018)

Some ‘Hard To Digest’ Facts About World’s Wealth!

Some Hard To Digest Facts About World’s Wealth - WinfiY crunch

The World’s Richest 1% control almost 50% of world’s wealth! Isn’t it shocking? Let’s go further. The richest 8 people have wealth equal to something like 3.8+ billion of the world’s poorest. 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 20% of the people and 80% of the people have just 20% of the world’s wealth!… Continue reading Some ‘Hard To Digest’ Facts About World’s Wealth!

Do You Care About Salary? 

Do You Care About Salary - WinfiY crunch

Young people don’t care about salary! Earlier people used to do a job with highest pay. But now, things have changed. Young people don’t want a job just for the sake of money but to make an impact as well. They believe their work has to count. Today’s generation is not driven not by money but… Continue reading Do You Care About Salary?