Know the Most Colorful City of the Universe!

Chefchaouen Morocco is the Most Colorful City of the Universe - WinfiY crunch

It’s Morocco’s Blue City, Chefchaouen which is dearly called “Blue Pearl of Morocco”. The blue city is really “incredibly blue” which makes it different & attract many tourists. It’s a popular shopping destination as well due to its unique handicrafts that you can’t find elsewhere. All houses are painted in blue shades. Founded in 1471, there are many stories behind the blue color of the city. One very weird is that blue color keeps mosquitoes away! Second is that blue represent sky & heaven & inspire to live a spiritual life (that is something reliable!). Well, whatever the reason for blue, one thing is sure: this “Blue Pearl of Morocco” is one of its kind and a must visit place to experience its blue beauty, relaxed atmosphere & distinct mosques of course.

Source: Trip Savvy, Heart My Backpack, Wikipedia, Photo Thanks: Pinterest.

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