Why headphones are becoming a necessary work accessory?

New workplaces are more open, against the cubicles of old times. While open office spaces have many advantages like enhanced team collaboration, better connectivity, saving huge dollars in terms of office rent, but more openness means more noisy work environment too.

The result is employees are switching to headphones to cover the disturbance in an open work environment, In one survey, 46% participants admitted using headphones to avoid conversation with colleagues, while 30% to avoid background noise (yep! the noise of that phone ringtone which is ringing again & again, chit-chat between those workers, sounds of coffee cups striking tables each few seconds, noise from that keyboard which is being ruthlessly & loudly used by your colleague!), and others use them to listen to their favorite music for increased productivity & get their stuff done with some musical inspiration & motivation.

Some also argue that music at work help them create their personal work zone & isolate interruptions!

“Using headphones at work – ethical or unethical” deserves a discussion at scale. So, you’re invited. Do you think it’s okay to use headphones at work? Isn’t it make you look anti-social or unreachable at work? Join the discussion in the comments section.

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Quick Facts About Music and Study

Music can work wonders when you are trying to focus on your work so that you can revise in preparation for your exams. In fact, there have been a whole load of studies to see just how effective it can be, we have a few interesting facts on the topic:

⦾ Music makes us productive: When we listen to music that we enjoy, it boosts the amount of dopamine that is produced, and dopamine is the neurochemical responsible for making us feel good when we perform tasks that we enjoy.

⦾ Lyrics aren’t always distractingStudies have shown that lyrics in music aren’t always a distraction if you like the song. It can help you to focus on your work, but if you dislike the music it can have an opposite effect.

⦾ The Mozart Effect isn’t TrueIn the 90s, everyone believed that the Mozart Effect was about how classical music made kids smarter. In fact, this is just a myth.

⦿ Let’s concludeHopefully, you found our facts helpful. After all, music isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think about focusing!

◔_◔ NonPlus: Research by South Korean scientists found that music —especially classical — can help make plants grow faster!

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How Coffee Affects Your Brain?

Coffee makes our brain healthier. As per neuroscience study, coffee has a chemical called ‘phenylindanes’ (only neuroscientist can go further), which help fight some serious brain diseases & neurological disorders causing depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, slowed movements, muscle rigidity, expressionless face, cramped handwriting, trouble getting out of chair, et cetera (technically called Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease).

As Inc Reported, “The darker the coffee roast, the more phenylindanes, and thus the greater the power of the coffee to stop the buildup of two toxic proteins–called tau and beta-amyloid–in the brain, which have been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases”, which results in better brain health.

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Palm – A Minimalist Phone of A Credit Card Size! But Why?

Palm phone is a minimalist phone which is designed to be used as little as possible! In the tech world, where each mobile company is busy finding new ways to keep us hooked to our devices, Palm perhaps is the first phone which want us to cut our time on the phone.

Palm mobile, which is about the size of a credit card, claims to bring you out of your tech, back into your real life!

Palm works as a second phone, which syncs with your big smartphone. When you want to free yourself, you can just leave your big phone at home and go out with Palm!

Palm is water & dust resistant, has a 3.3″ HD display, 12MP rear & 8MP front camera, provides access to all play store & iTunes apps, has Face Recognition lock & has a ‘life mode‘ which eliminates all distractions.

Considering all the stuff that Palm offers, Palm appears to be just a smaller smartphone. Palm’s all smartphone features makes us wonder on how can it help in cutting our phone time and why anybody would like to have two phones. Do you have any idea? Do let us know via your comments.

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World’s Largest Coffee Mug & The Best Way To Use It!

Yep! It’s available! World’s largest coffee mug [insanely] can hold upto 5914 ml of coffee, which is roughly equal to what a combined 20 regular coffee mugs can hold (Are you surprised?)!

Upto 4 ‘normal’ cups of coffee in a day is considered as safe coffee consumption. More than that can be harmful for health. Considering that fact, world’s largest coffee mug holds coffee that is suitable for 5-days consumption, not 1-day consumption. Only a health-spoiler would like to have that ‘much-much’ coffee. Yeah… if you’re keen to drink coffee in this cup, you can put in just normal quantity & drink it. That way, you can drink coffee in world’s largest coffee cup, without hurting your health! That seems to be a good idea, right? What you think? Would you like to buy this cup? Well, no matter you hate this cup or love this cup, one thing is sure: it’s one of the coolest coffee mug & a must have kinda thing for coffee lovers!

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Morning Lark or Night Owl: 4 Things Each Type Reveals About Your Personality!

Though, being a morning person or late riser is a matter of personal choice (or a matter of DNA, scientifically speaking!), it can reveal a lot about your personality.

As per research, If you are a morning lark i.e. you rise early in the early morning & go to bed early at night, you are likely to be:

#1 More cooperative;

#2 Persistent & punctual;

#3 Enterprising &

#4 Bad Procrastinator (which is good!).

On the other hand, if you are a night owl i.e. you stay up late at night & rise in the late morning, you are likely to be:

#1 More fearless & strong risk-taker;

#2 At more risk of being a smoker & alcoholic;

#3 More intelligent (which is great) &

#4 Good procrastinator (which is bad!).

Well, that’s the result of research based on sampling! So, it would not be far to judge a person just on the basis of his or her sleeping pattern, right? After all, it’s our overall behavior and habits that makes us good or bad! What you think of these results? Do you fit into these findings?

References: Inc, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

Why Saying “No” More Often Is A Good Approach?

Many people say: “Saying yes is a good approach”. Is it really? We don’t think so. Saying “yes” means devotion of more & more time to things you say “yes” for! We all have 24 hours. We can’t increase that number. If you say yes to everything, you’re left with very little time to do things that are most important in your life. What’s the solution? Well, learn to say no! Sometimes, we have to say no to even good things to choose the better things in place of good things (like not attending our friends’ party to complete that project!). If you have the habit of saying yes to everyone & every task you come across, mind your habit. Start saying no. This way you can keep yourself focused on what you do, use your resources, time and skills in the best possible manner. The more time you’ll have for particular things, the better you’ll do them. Remember, if you have a yes for everything, people will “AB-USE” you & you’ll be good at nothing.  In short, be smart & say “NO”, more often! Initially, It’ll be difficult. Later, you’ll thank yourself (& hopefully Minute Crunch too!).

References: Photo Thanks: Maxpixel.net.

What’s The Safe Level Of Alcohol Consumption?

To put it in simple terms, only zero alcohol consumption is safe level of alcohol consumption! Global study has found that no glass of wine is healthy, not even that single one, that you consider as “healthy drink”, as it increases the risk of cancer & other health issues that outweigh the benefits you get (like protection against heart disease) with that so-called “healthy glass of wine”. Combined health impacts of even moderate drinking are negative. You better not take a sip of it. So, safe level of alcohol consumption is zero! Drinking is not Smart’s choice, ‘quitting it’ is! So, be smart & #QuitDrinking.

Reference: BBC.co.uk, Photo Thanks: Pexels.com.

Want Good Mental Health? Do ABC Workout!

Even in 21st century modern age, talking about our mental problems is considered as stigma while it’s a simple health problem like any other health problems. Anyway, you want a good mental health. Right? Okay. Just do ABC – “Act-Belong-Commit” mental health workout! It’s a simple DIY workout for good mental health. “Act” here means being active outside of work & engage yourself in social, spiritual & physical activities. “Belong” here means building strong relationships with friends, families & other community members. Belonging provides a kind of mental support & help in dealing with mental pain & stress. “Commit” here means your commitment to things that add meaning & purpose to your life, doing things that you love & reduce the feeling of self-centredness. It can include volunteerism, helping others, pursuing a hobby, accepting a challenge et cetera. Commitment helps in living an intentional life & boost brain with the feeling of “making a difference”. So, do ABC & keep your mind healthy. Happy ABC ahead…

References: The Conversation, Photo Thanks: PublicDomainPictures.Net.

Obsession: Good or Bad?

Answer to this question is simple: It depends! It depends on what are you obsessed with. If you are obsessed with good things – good for you. If you are obsessed with bad things – bad for you. Perseverance is the key to be successful and obsession can be seen as one of the forms of perseverance. Obsession, if channeled in right direction, can be one of the most important factors you can use to boost your lifestyle. The problem is, most people are obsessed with things like Instagram, their favorite song that keeps on changing with new releases, their favorite TV show, their favorite celebrity & things like that! We rarely find people who are obsessed with what they do in their work life, and these rare people who are most successful as well. Top sports person are obsessed with their sport (Take Mr. Virat Kohli for example), top actors are obsessed with acting (take Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio for example), top politicians are obsessed with politics (take Mr. Narendra Modi for example), top businessperson are obsessed with their innovations (take Mr. Elon Musk for example). So, obsession is neither good nor bad. It’s us who make it good or bad. So, let’s make it good!  

References: Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

Why Going “Tie-Free” Is A Good & Smart Idea?

Office & Ties – we all know that the two goes together traditionally in western world & now the “tie-culture” is everywhere. Tie has become part of daily working life. Some think that it’s a tradition that needs to be followed, some think tie gets them more respect, some think that wearing a tie makes a difference in professionalism! Well, that’s typical mindset about tie! Let’s know the health impact of wearing a tie. Tie presses the blood vessels which allow the blood to reach the brain & result is 7.5% cut in circulation to our brain which can be really brain-damaging. It suggests that only people with really high blood pressure should wear a tie. Further, a tight tie can increase pressure in the eyes which increases the risk of sight destroying disease. Also, tie just add another layer to your fatigue. It’s just stressful! You know that, right? With all this ‘tie-negative-stuff”, we can conclude that going “tie-free” is a good & smart idea! So, go “tie-free”! Less stress, better health, more productivity, more work!

Reference: Big Think,  News Scientist, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

Cheers! Tax On Social Media In Uganda Is In Effect Now!

Yes, Social Media is no longer tax free service in Uganda. With effect from 1st July 2018, Uganda Citizens (“Ugandans”) have to pay tax for using social media services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype et cetera. This tax was imposed to regulate the social media use of Ugandans as excessive social media use was costing time & money to the country (& we believe is the problem of many countries now). Such tax seek to curb online gossip & raise government revenue at the same time & can be paid directly through mobile money. It will also entice Ugandans to cut their time on social media, save time & invest such time in some meaningful activities which will also help in nation growth & development. Well done Uganda! We wish to see similar initiatives in other countries as well! Let’s spread this good news with #CalmSocialMedia #SocialMediaTax

Reference: Quartz.