Palm – A Minimalist Phone of A Credit Card Size! But Why?

Palm Mobile - Minute Crunch

Palm phone is a minimalist phone which is designed to be used as little as possible! In the tech world, where each mobile company is busy finding new ways to keep us hooked to our devices, Palm perhaps is the first phone which want us to cut our time on the phone.

Palm mobile, which is about the size of a credit card, claims to bring you out of your tech, back into your real life!

Palm works as a second phone, which syncs with your big smartphone. When you want to free yourself, you can just leave your big phone at home and go out with Palm!

Palm is water & dust resistant, has a 3.3″ HD display, 12MP rear & 8MP front camera, provides access to all play store & iTunes apps, has Face Recognition lock & has a ‘life mode‘ which eliminates all distractions.

Considering all the stuff that Palm offers, Palm appears to be just a smaller smartphone. Palm’s all smartphone features makes us wonder on how can it help in cutting our phone time and why anybody would like to have two phones. Do you have any idea? Do let us know via your comments.

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